Uncle Don's Light:
America's Beer

Discover the taste of tradition and pride in every sip. Join us in celebrating the spirit of America with our crisp, refreshing brew.

Explore Uncle Don's Light

Delve into the world of Uncle Don's Light, where every beer tells a story of American pride and craftsmanship. Discover how our unique blend of flavors and values creates a beer experience like no other.

Crafted For The Average American

Dedicated to the Hands that Build and Protect America: A Toast to Our Veterans, First Responders, Police, and the Heart of the Workforce

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Embracing Authentic American Spirit

Experience the unique qualities that make Uncle Don’s Light a standout in the beer world. From our commitment to quality and community to the distinctly American essence of our brew, each aspect of our beer is crafted with care and pride.

American Crafted

Brewed with passion, using locally sourced ingredients for an authentic taste.

Community Focused

Dedicated to supporting our local heroes, from veterans to first responders.

Exceptional Flavor

A harmonious blend of hops and malt, offering a smooth, satisfying experience every time.

American Pride

More than a beer, it's a celebration of the American spirit and values we cherish.

I appreciate that Uncle Don’s Light keeps it simple – just a great tasting light beer without any of the progressive virtue signaling we see from other brands these days. It’s a no-frills, straightforward beer that doesn’t pander or try too hard to be cool. Pairs perfectly with backyard BBQs and watching the big game

Mike. R

Meriden, CT

While other beer brands seem to be jumping on every bandwagon to please the loudest voices, Uncle Don’s keeps it grounded and lets the beer speak for itself. It’s an uncomplicated, straightforward light lager that doesn’t pander or pull stunts just for attention. You can count on it being a solid, unpretentious brew.

Dave L.

Cape Coral, FL


Hear From Our Customers

Discover why Uncle Don’s Light is becoming a favorite across America. Read testimonials from our satisfied customers who’ve embraced the unique taste and spirit of our beer.

Finally a light beer that actually tastes like beer! Uncle Don’s has a richer flavor than most lights. You get some breadiness and a little hop kick.

Ryan C.

Naples, FL

Not your typical beer drinker, but I love Uncle Don’s Light. Crisp, refreshing and full flavored yet not heavy.


Southwest Florida

Where You Can Find Uncle Don's Light

Western Connecticut

Explore the local pride and craftsmanship behind every sip of Uncle Don's Light in restaurants and stores across Western Connecticut's Fairfield, New Haven, and Litchfield counties.

Southwest Florida

Embrace the sunny spirit of Uncle Don's Light, brewed with passion to capture the laid-back character of Southwest Florida's coastal communities.

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Craving the crisp, patriotic taste of Uncle Don’s Light in your hometown? Let us know! We’re constantly expanding our reach and would love to hear from enthusiastic fans like you. Join us in spreading the spirit of America’s beer across the nation – community by community.